our Camp Hope community
setting up the encampment
placing and setting up tents
raising the common area tent
resident tent at the encampment
resident tents
getting people off the streets
police officers eating lunch with us
The Camp Hope Bus
The winter weather shelter
Volunteers and guests of Camp
creating barracks in the warehouse
volunteers serve dinner nightly
we need groups to serve dinner
our residents eat 3 meals a day
meals are important
the joy of feeding the hungry
Volunteers sort donations
Sheri Rynd loves our guests
Camp Director Mike Kay
Outreach Trip
our residents in front of City Hall
Our guests love giving back
Our H.O.T. Team
Dana is our H.O.T. team lead
Our guests spreading hope
One of our Christmas outreach trips
Everyone should have hope
Christmas outreach
Outreach on 1st Street
Sometimes all it takes is a smile
Outreach Trip
christmas 5