Resident Intern Program

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Our training program gives formerly or currently homeless a combination of classroom and on the job training in a Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter or Transitional Housing Facility.


•About the Training Program:


–Interns will complete classroom hours and internship hours to prepare for entry-levelsocial service employment with Transform Yakima Together.


–Interns will learn to better assist clients with Serious Mental Illness, Addiction, and Homelessness issues


–Intensive job training will be provided in:


• Crisis Prevention Certification

• Conflict Management

• Incident Reporting

• Maintaining Boundaries

• CPR & First Aide certification

• Fire Guard F-02 certification

• Customer Service

– Leadership Training

• Mental Health First Aid



•Interns will be trained in the following positions:


–Shelter Monitor Aide – The Shelter Monitor Aide is responsible for assisting the clients in learning and performing their daily life skills activities as well as adhering to their program activities and objectives.


–Maintenance Aide – Maintenance Aide provide a clean and safe environment to the residents of the shelter by maintaining the facility including the sleeping areas, kitchen / food preparation area, restrooms, and all public areas.








–Must be 18+ and legally able to work in the United States

–High School Diploma/Equivalency or pursuing their GED

–Have an open and flexible schedule

–Ability to work weekends, evenings, holidays and overnights

–Ability to lift 50+ lbs. 

–Ability to climb flights of stairs or steps

- Be currently completing or in the process of completing sustainability goals & working with Accountability Partner / Care Manager.

–Exceptional customer service skills and ability to think critically

- Remain Clean & Sober at all times


Application Process:


– Sign Up at the Office.

– Have the recommendation of at least (2) staff members

– Interview with the Shelter Director




Interns will be given a stipend of $25 dollars per day of assigned work. Stipends will be paid at the same time as the regular staff members receive payment.