Take a Tour
Take a Tour

Want to come see for yourself?

We invite you to take a tour of Camp Hope, meet our residents and staff, and see how we are transforming Yakima one life at a time. Group or individual tours welcome.

Call, or text: 503-741-7532

Book a Presentation

Are you part of a business, civic group, or faith-based organization?


We would love to make a presentation to your group and share what is happening at Camp Hope.

Call, or text: 503-741-7532


Need safety training?


Camp Hope Director Mike Kay leads safety classes for shelter staff, volunteers, and the general public. Recent classes have provided training on CPR, First Aide, and Active Shooter Safety.


 training from Mike Kay's 

Safety Ministries on:

  • Safety Training 

  • Active Shooters

  • Emergency Response Plans 

  • Identification of Sexual Predators

To register, email us @ safetyministries@gmail.com

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