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What You Should Know About Camp Hope

Q: Can I live in my vehicle on Camp Hope Property? 


A: No—-however you CAN park your (working) vehicle on our property as long as you are staying with us. 


Q: Can I have my pets/ ESA/Service animal with me?


A: YES! We have a separate sleeping area for residents with animals —animals must be on a leash and with you at all times, you are responsible for the animal’s health, safety and mess. (No vicious animals will be allowed and city ordinance states no more than three dogs per individual/family) 


Q: What if I am fleeing domestic violence—-will I be safe?


A: YES! At Camp Hope your safety is our first priority —-we have 24hr staffing and safety measures in place for exactly such issues. 


Q: Is there a time limit to how long I can stay at Camp Hope? 


A: NO—-here at Camp Hope we believe that each person should be treated as an individual with individual needs. As long as you are actively working on your situation with our case managers—-there is no set time frame for how long you can stay. 


Q: Will I be required to attend a religious service? 


A: No—-at Camp Hope we do not require anyone to attend any religious activities.


Q: I’m an active addict—-can I stay at Camp Hope?


A: YES! Here at Camp Hope we are low barrier—-meaning you may not bring drugs/weapons/alcohol on our property, however we do not drug test and do not require that you be sober in order to stay with us.


Q: I have a criminal history—-will I be allowed to stay at Camp Hope?


A: YES! Criminal history will not disqualify you from staying in our facility, in fact, our case managers will even collaborate with your parol/probation team if needed.


Q: I lost my ID—-can I stay at Camp? 


A:YES! We do not require ID to stay in our facility. 


Q: I have a spouse and children—-will we be separated if we stay at Camp Hope? 


A: NO! We have a brand new family shelter which is temperature controlled. Children must be within arms reach of parents at all times. 


Q: I have no money and only the clothes on my back—-is there assistance like clothing etc? 


A: YES! We have clothing, toiletries and laundry and shower facilities for those staying at Camp Hope.


Q: This is just temporary—-I have a job and just need to save up for moving costs and first/ last for a permanent living situation—-is Camp Hope an option for me?


A: YES! Whether you stay with us for one day, or longer you are welcome at Camp Hope! We will even have our case managers help you find housing if needed! 


For more info call: 509-424-1228

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